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This is FFN102.

It's made at Abcam and used to study Parkinson's Disease.

And this is Richard

His purification expertise made it all possible.

This is what you could do.

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more to discover.

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Science at Abcam

Make a valuable impact on life science research. Face the biggest challenges of your career and find a real sense of purpose in what you achieve with us. At Abcam, you’ll use your expertise to help us support global research on biology, disease, and enhancing good health.  

The people you'll work with

“I came to Abcam five years ago to make a meaningful contribution to the scientific community. And since joining, having established our IVD manufacturing facility from the ground up, that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

IVD Manufacturing Manager

“I’ve been lucky enough to work across many different areas at Abcam – from hybridoma culture and manufacturing all the way through to quality control and new product development. The varied workload and constant challenges keep things interesting.”

Research Associate

“I joined Abcam because a friend couldn’t stop talking about what a great place it was to work – and they were right. Not only did I join but I brought my fiancé with me, too. I find having the freedom to execute my ideas really refreshing.”

Production Associate

Drive real change

Richard, Senior Scientist

The life sciences industry can change in a heartbeat, and no-one knows that better than us – because we’re the ones who change it. Bring your talent and focus and you’ll help us adapt, evolve, and bring new innovation to our industry. Hear from Richard about how his team helps support global research.