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Department: Research & Innovation

Location: WALTHAM, Massachusetts, United States

Scientist Position

A scientist/senior scientist position is available in the Abcam Cell line Team. This is an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing group focused on generating a large collection of physiologically relevant cellular models for the scientific community.

In this role, you will use cutting edge technologies and CRISPR/ genome editing to generate a large portfolio of a variety of edited cell lines i.e. cancer cells, mammalian or primary cells, immune and neurones cells. This laboratory-based role will give you the opportunity to apply your molecular and cell biology expertise; obtain practical experience in launching large pipeline of cellular models; build expertise in multiple research areas i.e. Neuroscience, Epigenetics,   Immunology-oncology and Cardiovascular metabolism; and  finally collaboratively work across many business areas with local and global matrix teams.
We are looking for a committed, enthusiastic and motivated person with relevant technical knowledge, analytical skills, problem-solving abilities and a passion for learning. As this is a constantly developing field, you will need to be swiftly responsive, adaptable and able to deliver impact quickly with new tasks and new technologies. A successful candidate for this position is a real team worker, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to engage with various stakeholders.

Essential Requirements

  • Ph.D in Biology or a related discipline
  • Experience with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing
  • Single cell Cloning: FACS, limiting dilution or other technologies
  • Experience in NGS and NGS data analysis
  • Experience with automation and liquid handling
  • Hands-on experience with production of various cellular models: cancer, immune and primary cells, neurones and stem cells
  • Proven track record of handling large pipeline of cell lines
  • Experience in Inventory management
  • Experience of cell line production, QC and manufacturing processes
  • Strong experimental design and problem-solving skills
  • Scientific excellence as shown by previous work, publication history and references from scientific mentors
  • Excellent team working, communication and networking skills with experience of interacting effectively across interfaces of discipline, culture, and expertise.

Desirable Requirements

  • Experience with high throughput DNA extraction
  • Experience with designing and implementing focused or genome-wide CRISPR screen
  • Experience of cell-based assays and high content imaging
  • Experience with working with library of CRISPR reagent
  • Experience in multiple mode of DNA delivery
  • Experience with laboratory automation and information management systems
  • Experience in Biochemistry : WB, ICC, IP, FC