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Logistics Team Leader

Department: Logistics

Location: Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Role and responsibility

  • Operate daily logistics activities such as goods in, goods out, aliquoting etc.

(Please see the details below for more information.)

  • Lead the team, currently 5 employees, to work more effificently and proactively showing your strong leadership and any data evidences.
  • Comply with all complicances related with both Global and Japanese EHS requirements.
  • Standardize and improve daily operations while making/updating SOPs.
  • Making training plans for new temp staffs
  • Maintain/improve workplace and warehouse environments.
  • Assist tasks of Logistics managers communicating with global teams.

More details of logistics activities

  • Ship to domestic distributors and global sites including picking and packing.
  • Goods in products shipped from global sites and OEM suppliers.
  • Refill packing consumables including ordering.
  • Aliquoting.
  • Inventry check twice a year.

Other requirements

  • Education, Training & Qualifications
    • Desirable: Degree in biology / lifescience
  • Qualifications
    • Essential: Proficient with MS Office
  • Experience – work, research, voluntary, other
    • Essential:
      • Experience of working in a warehouse, store, distribution, laboratory environment
    • Desirable:
      • Experience of working in a team-orientated environment
  • Specific skills & abilities
    • Essential:
      • Fluent spoken & written Japanese, and written English
      • Proven ability to meet tight deadlines
      • Solid organisational and time management skills
    • Desirable:
      • Fluent spoken & written English
      • Experience of working for a global organisation & influencing decisions made in other regions
      • Experience of aliquoting and the use of flow hoods
  • Personal traits:
    • Essential:
      • Lead by example & happy to get hands on & work alongside team
      • Customer focused.
      • Adaptable, motivated and enthusiastic
      • Proactive and continuously seeking to improve performance